Penang Temple Scandal by Nude Actress Carli Banks

Carli Banks invades Malaysia with her pink pussy? Rumors are a Buddhist temple in Penang (Kek Lok Si) was the location of a pornographic photo shoot with pornstar Carli Banks. Many Malaysians are furious over this controversy and the disrespect of the house of worship. And by disrespect I mean Carli is seen stripping naked and exposing her her pink pussy at the alter in the temple. But trustees at the temple in Penang say it is not true and several Chinese language newspaper have investigate the matter in dept and agree with them. But still the scandal roar on and the pictures are circulating like wildfire in Southeast Asia as "Western Girl Shows Breasts in Penang Temple Photos" via email.

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  1. No la this is not from Kek Lok Si temple, this picture looks alike only.... don't simply spread laa..